Arbeitspapiere zu Hedgefonds

13. Dezember 2018

Do alternative UCITS deliver what they promise?
Busack, Michael; Drobetz, Wolfgang; Tille, Jan

Regulatory Induced Performance Persistence: Evidence from Hedge Funds
Cumming, Douglas; Dai, Na; Haß, Lars Helge; Schweizer Denis

Hedge Funds versus Private Equity Funds as Shareholder Activists in Germany - Differences in Value Creation
Mietzner, Mark; Schweizer, Denis

The Role of Sovereign Wealth Funds as Activist or Passive Fund Managers
Mietzner, Mark and Schiereck, Dirk and Schweizer, Denis
Journal of Asset Management, 2015, Vol. 16, 303-315 (August 30, 2015).

Intra-Industry Effects of Shareholder Activism in Germany - Is there a Difference between Hedge Fund and Private Equity Investments?
Mietzner, Mark; Schweizer, Denis; Tyrell, Marcel

Top Management Turnover Under the Influence of Activist Investors
Voussem, Barbara and Schäffer, Utz and Schweizer, Denis
Journal of Management and Governance, 2015, Vol. 19, 709-739 (September 5, 2015).