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BAI is sending its newsletter to 4,200 addressees and we are informing our members, institutional investors, universities, journalistst, regulators and other interested persons about new trends and developements in the Alternative Investment industry. The newsletter contains e.g. academic, sponsored and research articles, and event calender and the presentation of new books. It appears every two months. Subscribe to our newsletter here.

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05. December 2018


Articles and authors of BAI-Newsletters at a glance.

Newsletter III/2020  -Infrastructure
Editorial article of NL III/2020
Newsletter II/2020 - Private Equity
Editorial article of NL II/2020
Newsletter I/2020 - Institutional Investors and Alternative Investments
Editorial article of NL I/2020

Special Edition BAI Science Award (partly in English)
Newsletter VI/2019 - ESG
editorial article of NL VI/2019
Newsletter V/2019 - Crypto Assets
editorial article of NL V/2019
Newsletter IV/2019 - Infrastructure
editorial article of NL IV/2019
Newsletter III/2019 - Institutional investors and Alternative Investments
editorial article of NL III/2019
Newsletter II/2019 - Law & regulation, European Elections
Editorial article of NL II/2019
Newsletter I/2019 - Private Equity (with two articles in English)
Editorial article of NL I/2019

Editorial article of NL VI/2018
Newsletter VI/2018 (with an article in English)
Editorial article of NL V/2018
Newsletter V/2018
Editorial article - with comments on our new member 200, on the funds center Germany 2025, on BAI AIC 2019 and the new main topic of our association work.
Newsletter IV/2018, with an article in English
Editorial article III/2018 - with comments on BAI AIC 2018, private markets, our private debt study and the sustainable finance action plan
Newsletter III/2018
Editorial article II/2018 - with comments on strategical asset allocation, BAI AIC 2018, BaFin Tech and the ordinary meeting of BAI.
Newsletter II/2018
Editorial article I/2018 - with comments on BaFin’s Circular to the Capital Investment Ordinance, the Agreement to a new “Big Coalition” in Germany , BAI Member Survey, and BAI Investor Survey
Newsletter I/2018

Editorial article VI/2017 - with comments on BAI AIC 2018, ESG and the BAI Blockchain Event
Newsletter VI/2017 - ESG, with an article in English
Editorial article V/2017 - with comments on Blockchain, Circular to the Investment Ordinance, and the European financial supervision etc.
Newsletter V/2017 - Infrastructure
Special Edition BAI Science Award (partly in English)
Editorial article IV/2017 - with comments on the German Bundestag election, the White Paper on the future of Europe and regulatory issues etc.
Newsletter IV/2017 - Private Equity, with an article in English language
Sondernewsletter zum 20-jährigen Jubiläum des BAI (Juli 2017)
Newsletter III/2017
Editorial article II/2017 with comments on Fintech & Digitization, European Financial Supervision etc.
Newsletter II/2017 - FinTech & Digitalisierung
Newsletter I/2017 - Private Debt

Editorial article VI/2016 with comments on new BaFin guidance on the Investment Ordinance  for pension funds
Newsletter VI/2016
Sondernewsletter zum BAI-Wissenschaftspreis (November 2016)
Editorial article V/2016
Newsletter V/2016
Newsletter IV/2016
Editorial article of Newsletter IV/2016
Newsletter III/2016
Editorial article
Newsletter II/2016
Editorial article
Newsletter I/2016
Editorial article