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Printing Costs Grant

One of the BAI's goals is the support of research studies, to combine theory and praxis and provide a basis for a dialogue not only within the respective field of study, but also between science and the AI industry and investors.

In this context the BAI is offering Science Award, which is related to financial rewards. The existing funding opportunities are complemented by the offer of printing costs grants for excellent dissertations.

In this way junior researcher and scientists shall be encouraged to discuss Alternative Investments topics within their dissertations.

The field of Alternative Investments is dynamic and characterized by changes regarding the frame conditions, strategies or other relevant factors, so that  dissertations are appropriate to provide new insights and approaches. With help of these works the Alternative Investments industry and investors can benefit from practical relevant knowledge.

Notice: The printing costs grants can be offered to doctoral students from German Universities or German Research Institutions only. Further information in German language is downloadable below.

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