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Main topic June 2020: Infrastructure

02. June 2020

In order to inform industry, investors and the public in a more targeted and comprehensive way, we will be presenting a monthly changing topic with relevant articles, studies, market data, regulatory briefings and event notes. In addition to the main topic, we also will - together with member companies and / or representatives from the BAI expert committees - to organize events like a special BAI insight, workshop or webinar. Non-members can send us their documents as well - please contact Christina Gaul (

Forthcoming topics:
Private Debt (July/August)



New in June 2020:

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption could profoundly change our lives and the way we invest. But
the details of how, when, and where remain a work in progress.

Wellington Management (Juli 2019)


Verantwortungsbewusste Infrastruktur Investitionen: Mehr als nur erneuerbare Energien
Pauline Fiastre, BNP Paribas Asset Management (2019)

Infrastructure debt: powering ahead
Karen Azoulay, BNP Paribas Asset Management (2018)

Infrastructure debt still delivers an attractive risk/reward

Interview with Karen Azoulay, BNP Paribas Asset Management, Institutional Investor (2018)

Keynote Preview Hong Kong Summit 2018
Raj Agrawal, KKR, in Infrastructure Investor (September 2018)

KKR Targeting InfrastructureOpportunities in US, Europe, Asia
Interview with Raj Agrawal, KKR, Bloomberg (September 2018)

Paradigm shift in renewable energies (in German)
Dr. Alexandra von Bernstorff, Luxcara (2018)

AI, VAG-Investoren und Service-AI-KVGen: Kooperationen schaffen neue Sprachen und Opportunitäten
Jegor Tokarevich, SOF, in portfolio institutionell (August 2016)

What makes qualified infrastructure investments? (in German)
Jegor Tokarevich, SOF, in Versicherungswirtschaft heute (November 2017)

Lunch and Learn: Solvency II - Risk management for investments in infrastructure (in German)

mit Jegor Tokarevich, SOF (2018)

Future trends in building the asset class infrastructure (in German)
Dr. Thomas Mann, Talanx, in Absolut|spezial (September 2017)



The Augmented Infrastructure
Ardian (October 2018)

Climate Infrastructure A New Asset Class Created by the Global Energy Transition
Ares (2019)

The global energy and power transition
Implications for institutional investors
BlackRock (June2018)

Deconstructing Infrastructure Debt

Risk attributes and current opportunities
BlackRock (September 2017)

Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investments
Capital Dynamics (März 2020)

Investition in Projekte für erneuerbare Energien in Europa
Dentons (February 2019)

Infrastructure debt for institutional investors
NN Investment Partners (2019)

An opinion about change
Paper 5: The global engery transition
UBS (October 2018)

Infrastructure investments in the cycle (in German)
White-Paper-Series Infrastructure: Part 3
UBS (2018)

Infrastructure and economics (in German)
White-Paper-Series Infrastructure: Part 2
UBS (March 2018)

Good reasons for infrastructure loans (in German)
White-Paper-Series Infrastructure: Part 1
UBS (December 2017)

Statistics/market performance data

Statistics/market performance data

Liquid investment strategies for infrastructure (in German)
Absolut|analyse real assets (September 2017)