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Main topic December 2019/January 2020: ESG

29. November 2019

In order to inform industry, investors and the public in a more targeted and comprehensive way, we will be presenting a monthly changing topic with relevant articles, studies, market data, regulatory briefings and event notes. Non-members can send us their documents as well - please contact Christina Gaul.

Forthcoming topics:
February 2020: Institutionall Investors and alternative investments (SAA/TAA)
March 2020: Liquid Alternatives



Stand der Energiewende - Die Erreichung der Pariser Klimaziele ist möglich (in German)
Dr. Dieter Rentsch, Aquila Capital (November 2019)

Versicherungsgebundene Wertpapiere: ESG-Positive Geldanlagen (in German)
John Seo, Joanna Syroka, GAM (October 2019)

Einheitliche und integrierte Reportinglösungen konkretisieren Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien (in German)
HSBC Inka (November 2019)

ESG – Environment – Social - Governance: Nachhaltige Immobilien-Investments (in German)
LHI Capital Management GmbH (2019)

An Holistic Approach to the World’s Water Woes
Andrew Harmstone, Morgan Stanley (July 2019)

Compounding With a Conscience
William Lock, Bruno Paulson, Vladimir Demine, Morgan Stanley (2019)

Plastic Matters
William Lock, Bruno Paulson, Vladimir Demine, Morgan Stanley (September 2019)

Debunking Six Myths About Climate Investing
Vikram Raju, Morgan Stanley (April 2019)

A Yield Focused ESG Approach

Joseph Mehlman, Sarah Harrison, Stella Ma, Morgan Stanley (2019)

ESG and Sovereign Fixed Income Investing: A Better Way

Jim Caron, Teal Emery, Morgan Stanley (2019)

Moving from a marginal approach to a mainstream strategy
Interview mit Vladimir Demine, Morgan Stanley (May 2019)

BaFin konsultiert Merkblatt zum Umgang mit Nachhaltigkeitsrisiken (in German)

Dr. Robert Eberius, P+P Pöllath+Partners (October 2019)

ESG-Compliance wird Gesetz – Neue EU-Verordnungen zur Nachhaltigkeit (in German)
Dr. Robert Eberius, P+P Pöllath+Partners (September 2019)

ESG-Compliance bei Private Equity (in German)
Dr. Robert Eberius, P+P Pöllath+Partners (April 2019)

Gründe für Marktineffizienzen im Bereich Sustainable Investments
Wendy Cromwell, Wellington Management (Augsut 2019)

US Growth Economic: A Sustainability Story?
Dan Roarty, AB Europe ( May 2018)

Responsible Investing - Roundtable: Experiences from Around the World
We asked four institutions around the world to share their thoughts about the opportunities and
challenges of responsible investing in their investment plans. Here’s what they said.

AB Europe (October 2018)

Sustainable Investment Funds in Europe - Market Development and Performance (in German)
Michael Busack, Henrik Schlimper, Absolut|Research, in Absolut|impact (February 2018)

ESG Factors as a remedy against populism
Candriam (October 2018)

Mega trend sustanability - also an issue for the central banks (in German)

Prof. Dr. Joachim Wuermeling, Deutsche Bundesbank, in absolut|impact (February 2018)

German Green Bonds: between growth, standardization and transparency (in German)

Ari Pankiewicz/Michaela Bundschuh, d-fine GmbH, in Zeitschrift für das gesamte Kreditwesen (November 2018)

The DVFA codex for sustanability in the investment process (in German)
Ralf Frank, DVFA, in Absolut |Report (April 2018)

A differentiated approach to ESG investments (in German)
Dr. Michael Hasenstab, Dr. Sonal Desai, Julie Moret und Vivian Guo, Franklin Templeton (April 2018)

Incorporating ESG While Maintaining Yield

Jim Caron, Joseph Mehlman, Sarah Harrison, Morgan Stanley, in IPE (November 2018)

Both Sides, Now: The Disruptive Power of Energy Efficiency
Andrew Harmstone, Morgan Stanley (June 2018)

Different People: Human Capital Management and Diversity
Andrew Harmstone, Morgan Stanley (September 2018)

ESG and the Sustainability of Competitive Advantage
Kristian Heugh, Marc Fox, Morgan Stanley (2018)

An Emerging Markets Approach to ESG

Morgan Stanley (January 2018)

Seeking Sustainability: Compounding and ESG
William Lock, Bruno Paulson, Morgan Stanley (September 2018)

Catastrophe Bonds: Investing With Impact
Andre Rzym, Tarek Abou Zeid, Man AHL (October 2018)

No Trade-Off Between Environmental And Social Concerns
Jason Mitchell, Man Group (September 2018)

The imperative of sustanability (in German)

Michael Baldinger, Bruno Bertocci, M.Rodrigo Dupleich Ulloa, UBS (2018)



Inaugural responsible investment report
Capital Dynamics (Juli 2020)

PASSIVE INVESTING 2020 - Addressing climate change in investment portfolios
DWS (2020)

PASSIVE INVESTING 2020 - Addressing climate change in investment portfolios - Zusammenfassung
DWS (2020)

How European insurance regulators are responding to climate risk
DWS (Februar 2020)

Investing in renewable energy projects in Europe
Dentons (February 2020)

Responsible Investment Primer
AIMA (May 2019)

Creating sustainable value trhough essential real asset investments - ESG-Report
Aquila Capital 2018 (2019)

Advanced Responsible Investing
AllianceBernstein ( October 2019)

Ertrag mit Verantwortung (in German)
AllianceBernstein (2019)

Embrace responsible Investing

AllianceBernstein (2019)

ESG: Reporting and regulatory change for a sustainable future
BNY Mellon (2019)

Responsible investing—The world tour
How the U.S. is playing a leading role, why ESG is particularly relevant for Emerging Markets, and
Europe’s ambitions to be a global rule setter

DWS (October 2019)

Why emerging markets are defined by ESG
ESG forces are moving deeper into emerging markets from the network of central banks
sharing best practice, stock exchanges mandating ESG disclosure requirements, regulators
acting in the area of fiduciary duty and the launch of new EM-focused investment products

DWS (November 2019)

ESG-Faktoren und Unternehmensentwicklung (in German)
DWS (October 2018)

Implementierung von ESG Strategien: Kennen Sie die Konsequenzen? (in German)
DWS (October 2019)

Passive Investing 2019 - The rise of stewardship
DWS (2019)

Digitisation as the key to professional ESG management
WeSustain (Dezember 2019)


From Niche to Mainstream: Responsible Investment and Hedge Funds
AIMA/Cayman Alternative Investment Summit (2018)

AllianzGI Responsible Investment Report 2018 (in German)
November 2018

ESG Special Report
Bank of New York Mellon (2018)

Quintessence - smart thinking in finance
BNP Paribas  (2018)

Great expectations for ESG
BNP Paribas Securities Services (2018)

Sustanable investments - why not? (in German)
BlackRock (May 2018)

Green Solutions under the hood

The role of metals in energy transition
Candriam (2018)

Responsible investment in private equity - an important component of the operational value chain (in German)
Capital Dynamics (April 2017)

Investition in Projekte für erneuerbare Energien in Europa
Dentons (Februar 2019)

The transformation to a low-carbon economy (in German)
FERI (2018)

Carbon Bubble and decarbonisation (in German)
FERI (2018)

Social infrastructure in Europe (in German)
Franklin Templeton (February 2018)

Telos Master-KVG Survey 2018/2019 (in German)
HSBC Inka (2018)

Sustainable Signals
Asset Owners Embrace Sustainability
Morgan Stanley (2018)

Investments in sustainable infrastructure projects (in German)
NN Investment Partners (November 2018)

Impact Investing Market map
PRI Principles for Responsible Investment (2018)

Responsible investment DDQ for infrastructure investors
PRI (September 2018)

Measure what matters

Expanding the scope of intrinsic value to include ESG
UBS Asset Management (2018)

Fostering dialogue
UBS Asset Management (2018)

Adding value through active engagement
UBS Asset Management (2018)

Statistics/market performance data

Statistics/market performance data

ESG in Emerging Markets
Absolut|analyse  (October 2019)

Sustainable Investments (in German)
Absolut|analyse (June 2018)

Weathering the Storm: Integrating Climate Resilience Into Real Assets Investing

Morgan Stanley (2018)



New in December 2019:

ESG-Risikomanagement & reporting für Alternative Investments (in German)

Presentation of SoF substance over form, BAI-Workshop ESG (September 2019)

ESG in the asset management - how sustainable investing changes industry and portfolio (in German)
BAI-Vortragsfolien im Rahmen der Investmentsfondstage 2018

Man Group’s Perspectives Towards a Sustainable Future
Podcast series, Man Group (2018)



SZ Nachhaltigkeitsforum
12.-13. February 2020

Nachhaltigkeit & Kapitalanlage #3

16. March 2020

Regulatory frameworks

Regulatory frameworks

Legislative package of the Commission's work on sustainable finance
In the context of the Commission work on sustainable finance, this initiative aims at strengthening financial stability and asset pricing by clarifying that institutional investors and investment managers have a duty to consider the materiality of sustainability factors.
May 2018

Transparency regulation
Feedback received on: Institutional investors' and asset managers' duties regarding sustainability
August 2018

Responsible investment DDQ for infrastructure investors
PRI (September 2018)