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Metzler Asset Management GmbHMetzler Asset Management GmbH
Address:Untermainanlage 1
D-60329 Frankfurt
Contact Person: Ulf Hollstein and Philip Schätzle
Phone:+49 69 2104 1126 and +49 69 2104 -1533
Fax:+49 69 2104 1444 and
Head Office:Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Branch Office(s): Los Angeles, Seattle, Dublin, Tokio, Peking
Year of incorporation:1995
Business in Germany since:1998
Managing Director/Board:Managing directors: Ulf Hollstein, Dr. Rainer Matthes, Christian Remke and Thomas Schrod; the following members of the Partners’ Committee B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. Holding AG bear overall responsibility for the Metzler Asset Management division: Frank-Peter Martin, Hartmut Petersmann and Gerhard Wiesheu.

Metzler Asset Management GmbH ("Metzler") works closely with institutional clients to develop custom-tailored solutions for their investments and implements them through a flexible modular system. Metzler also manages the overall investment for pension funds through master fund arrangements and offers a range of pension management services. In product design, the company deliberately concentrates on its strengths and uses cooperation partners to cover other segments. In the management of in-house funds for institutional and retail investors, Metzler pays special attention to active trading on the capital markets. At the same time, direct responsibility is delegated to the fund manager through a "multi-boutique" structure. The range of funds focuses on classic strategies for investment in equities and bonds and innovative quantitative strategies. For equity investments in markets such as Japan and China, Metzler cooperates with local firms with specialist knowledge. Our quantitative investment management strategies include innovative strategies to protect the value of capital and unique long/short concepts for absolute return funds.

Assets:48,4 Bill. EUR (per 30.06.2011)
Assets in AI:8 Bill. EUR (per 30.06.2011)
Total number of employees:Bank: approx. 750, Metzler Asset Management: approx. 250 (in the field of AI: Metzler Alternative Investments & Quantitative Strategies: 9, Applied Research: 7)
Regional focus:Germany, Eastern Europe, Europe as a whole, Japan, China, worldwide
Target group:Mainly institutional clients; in connexion with mutual funds also private clients
Existing registrations at/since:BaFin (1998)
BAI-Member since:2006
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