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Goldman Sachs Bank Europe SEGoldman Sachs Bank Europe SE
Address:Marienturm | Taunusanlage 9-10
D-60329 Frankfurt
Contact Person: Dennis Lübcke
Phone:+49 (0) 69 7532 2130
Fax:+49 (0) 69 7532 1913
Head Office:New York
Branch Office(s): In Germany: Frankfurt am Main
Year of incorporation:Goldman Sachs: 1869; Goldman Sachs Asset Management: 1988
Business in Germany since:Goldman Sachs: 1991; Goldman Sachs Asset Management: 1997
Managing Director/Board:Board: Dr. Wolfgang Fink (Chairman) | Thomas Degn-Petersen | Dr. Matthias Bock | Pierre Chavenon
Description:Established in 1988, Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) is one of the world’s leading investment managers with over $1.7 trillion in assets under supervision(1). With more than 2,000 professionals across 37 offices worldwide(2), our investment teams manage a variety of products across multiple asset classes, regions and risk levels, and are subject to strict risk management.
1 Assets Under Supervision (AUS) includes assets under management and other client assets for which Goldman Sachs does not have full discretion. 
2 Number of cities where GSAM professionals are based around the world.

Assets:US$1.69 tn (per 31.12.2019)
Assets in AI:US$157 bn (per 31.12.2019)
Total number of employees:n.a. (in the field of AI: n.a.)
Regional focus:Global
Target group:GSAM offers discretionary asset management to institutional investors, including pension plans, insurance companies, banks, savings banks, occupational pension plans, foundations, and corporate clients. In addition, mutual funds are also marketed through distribution partners.
Existing registrations at/since:Goldman Sachs has several entities in Europe who are regulated by the respective local supervisory authorities, e. g. BaFIN in Germany; Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority in the UK. (-)
BAI-Member since:2002
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