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EURAMCO Holding GmbHEURAMCO Holding GmbH
Address:Max-Planck-Str. 3
D-85609 Aschheim
Contact Person: Jürgen Göbel
Phone:+49 89 45666250
Head Office:Aschheim
Branch Office(s): Australia, Prague, Warsaw
Year of incorporation:1999
Business in Germany since:1999
Managing Director/Board:Jürgen Göbel; Andreas Büttner
Description:The EURAMCO Group is internationally active as a fund and asset manager for investments in real assets, with a focus on the promising fields of real estate and renewable energy. Third parties can also benefit from our comprehensive expertise in the form of tailored services for assets, investments and investor management. Our core competence is offering comprehensive solutions for all aspects of alternative investments.

We currently manage 60 closed-end investment funds in Europe, Australia and the US, with approximately 40,000 private and professional investors. In total, we currently have an investment volume of €4 billion under management.
Assets:2.4 bn. € AuM, 1.6 bn. € AuAdm (per 31.03.2019)
Assets in AI: (-)
Total number of employees:75 (in the field of AI: 75)
Regional focus:Germany, Austria, Central Europe, Australia
Target group:Institutional Investors, Semi-Professional Investors, Sophisticated Private Investors
Existing registrations at/since:BaFin (2014)
BAI-Member since:2019
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