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Progressive Capital Partners Ltd.Progressive Capital Partners Ltd.
Address:Haldenstr. 3
CH-6340 Baar
Contact Person: Dr. Thomas Kochanek and Thomas Kummer
Phone:+41 41 5614086 and +41 41 5614095
Fax: and
Head Office:Baar, Zug
Branch Office(s):
Year of incorporation:2001
Business in Germany since:
Managing Director/Board:Thomas Kummer, Daniel von Allmen, Flurin Grond, Dr. Thomas Kochanek
Description:Progressive Capital Partners Ltd (Progressive) is an independent Swiss investment boutique focusing on alternative investments. Progressive is specialised in Niche Alternatives and Liquid Alternatives strategies. The company aims to manage and create products with a low correlation to traditional investments. For specific requirements, the firm offers alternative mandates via its Customised Solutions offering.
Assets:USD 820 million AuM (per 01.12.2019)
Assets in AI:USD 820 million AuM (per 01.12.2019)
Total number of employees:15 (in the field of AI: 15 )
Regional focus:globally
Target group:
Existing registrations at/since:FINMA (-)
BAI-Member since:2019
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