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Green City AGGreen City AG
Address:Zirkus-Krone-Str. 10
D-80335 München
Contact Person: Daniela Gillitzer-Belhassen and Kathrin Enzinger
Phone:+49 89 890 668 255 and +49 89 890 668 344
Fax: and
Head Office:Munich
Branch Office(s): Toulouse / France
Year of incorporation:Green City e.V. 1990 / Green City Energy GmbH 2005 / Green City AG 2015
Business in Germany since:1990
Managing Director/Board:CEO Jens Mühlhaus CFO Frank Wolf
Description:Green City AG (former Green City Energy AG) was established in 2005 as the subsidiary of the non-profit environmental organization Green City e.V. It is our firm conviction that global climate change can only be reduced to a tolerable level by switching to an energy supply based on renewable energies.

Moreover, renewable energies are an attractive business segment. As a project developer and financer, Green City AG operates in a growth market. We intend to consistently exploit these market opportunities in our core markets of Germany, France and Italy and Spain.

We offer an attractive and real assets-based investment opportunity. Our sustainable capital products such as closed-end funds, participation rights and bonds are used to finance the expansion of renewable energy power plants. Investors benefit from statutory feed-in tariffs or PPAs and our wealth of experience gained from over 37 asset investments. Private investors, several notable foundations and other professional investors know what their money is being used for.

Assets:500 mn. €, thereof 379 mn € AuM and 38 mn € AuA (per 31.12.2018)
Assets in AI:500 mn € (per 31.12.2018)
Total number of employees:138 (in the field of AI: 80)
Regional focus:Germany, France, Italy, Spain
Target group:Private and Institutional Investors
Existing registrations at/since:Investmentprodukte bei BaFin und CSSF 32 KWG / Finance GmbH bei BAFIN 2015 (-)
BAI-Member since:2019
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