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Substance Over Form Ltd.Substance Over Form Ltd.
Address:197-213 Oxford Street
GB-W1D 2LF London
Contact Person: Jegor Tokarevich
Phone:+49 174497 8573
Head Office:London
Branch Office(s):
Year of incorporation:2014
Business in Germany since:2014
Managing Director/Board:Jegor Tokarevich
Description:SOF is a specialised consultancy boutique with a focus on Alternative Investments (Private Equity, Private Debt, Infrastructure, Real Estate, AIF) and regulated financial investors (Solvency II, Solvency I, Basel, AIFMD). SOF provides various services to its EU clients including risk management, reporting and management consulting.
Assets: (-)
Assets in AI: (-)
Total number of employees:4 (in the field of AI: 4)
Regional focus:EU
Target group:Asset Managers, Insurance Companies, Banks, IORPs, Third Party AIFMs
Existing registrations at/since: (-)
BAI-Member since:2018
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