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BB Alternatives GmbHBB Alternatives GmbH
Address:Hohenzollernring 72
D-50672 Köln
Contact Person: Alexander Bode
Phone:+49 (0) 221 914 092 480 0
Head Office:Cologne
Branch Office(s):
Year of incorporation:2012
Business in Germany since:2012
Managing Director/Board:Sabine Fischer, Alexander Bode
Alternative Partners is an independent private market’s service provider to professional clients in the areas of Private Equity and Private Debt. Our focus is to support our clients in creating market transparency and putting through multi-step selection processes to identify the most adequate fund managers for the client’s investment strategy. In doing so we apply proprietary well proofed tools for fund scoring and due diligence. Thus we do not only help in making the best investment decisions but also consolidate it and keep it transparent. And we go further and accompany clients through the investment process and  assist with monitoring and reporting services post-investment. To continuously keep the portfolios at a high quality level we assist in evaluating co-investment opportunities, offered by fund managers and secondary transactions necessary to re-align the portfolio.

In addition to that we provide services for investors who prefer to hold target companies directly and we provide investment and co-investment opportunities to them from our wide network within European middle market companies. BB Alternative Partners pre-selects targets, drives the transaction process
and also offers to cover the monitoring and controlling during the holding period.
Sabine Fischer and Alexander Bode are the partners of BB Alternatives and have been working together for more than 8 years. Before they set up BB Alternatives in 2012 they have jointly developed the private markets portfolio of Gothaer Insurance Group for more than 6 years. The portfolio of 800 EURm comprised Private Equity Funds and Mezzanine Funds same as 16 direct investments of European middle market companies. Before that both worked for well-known M&A and consulting firms in UK and Germany.
Assets: (-)
Assets in AI: (-)
Total number of employees:2 (in the field of AI: 2)
Regional focus:DACH
Target group:professional investors
Existing registrations at/since: (-)
BAI-Member since:2014
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