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Collineo Asset Management GmbHCollineo Asset Management GmbH
Address:Park der Partnerstädte 2
D-44137 Dortmund
Contact Person: Dirk Bergander
Phone:+49 (0) 231 1082 309
Head Office:Dortmund
Branch Office(s): Munich
Year of incorporation:2005
Business in Germany since:2005
Managing Director/Board:Mr. Dirk Bergander, Essen
Description:Collineo Asset Management is a well-known and successful European financial services company, completely owned by its management team and therefore, independently operating from banks and other institutional market participants.
The company´s historical roots date back to a German mortgage bank (“Hypothekenbank”). Based on a grown network and enhanced know-how, Collineo provides today extensive access to European real estate markets. Given the company’s history and the interdisciplinary know-how, Collineo is able to develop innovative and efficient real estate financing solutions and to successfully support customers in their search for an adequate investor.   
Since 1999 the team around CEO Dirk Bergander has been successfully advising institutional investors and market participants regarding all aspects of innovative capital market products. It consists of more than 20 highly qualified professionals, specialising in Product Development & Advisory, Portfolio Management, Markets & Trading, Credit, Economic Research, and Corporate Services.
Collineo has the ability to provide state of the art customized finance and portfolio strategies in the real estate and asset management sector. Collineo is capable of administer, manage and monitor these products.
Assets:n/a (-)
Assets in AI:n/a (-)
Total number of employees:22 (in the field of AI: 8)
Regional focus:Europe
Target group:Institutional Investtors and semi-proprofessional Investors, Commercial Banks
Existing registrations at/since: (2005)
BAI-Member since:2014
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