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Helaba Invest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbHHelaba Invest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH
Address:Junghofstr. 24
D-60311 Frankfurt
Contact Person: Andrea Lehmann-Gutermuth
Phone:+49 69 29970-256
Head Office:Frankfurt am Main
Branch Office(s):
Year of incorporation:1991
Business in Germany since:1991
Managing Director/Board:Uwe Trautmann (Chairman), Ulrich Lingner, Dr. Christian Popp, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Templin
Description:The business strategy of Helaba Invest is based on the three pillars of "Master KAG", "asset management for equities, fixed income and money market" and "asset management for real estate and alternative investments". 

In order to meet the rising demand of institutional investors for solutions to the current market environment characterized by low interest rates and high volatility, Helaba Invest has broadened its product range. Besides the asset class real estate Helaba Invest offers private equity, infrastructure, renewable energy and forest investment products. These asset classes do not only make a significant contribution to portfolio diversification but also offer a certain degree of inflation protection.

The services of Helaba Invest range from consulting for strategic asset allocation, the selection of investments - mostly in the form of investment funds - to a rigorous monitoring and risk management. Due to the long-term nature and the restricted fungibility of the asset classes, the selection process plays an important role in performance. For this Helaba Invest has built up a dedicated team of experts.
Assets:€ 80,42 bn (per 31.07.2012)
Assets in AI:€ 700 m (per 01.10.2012)
Total number of employees:244 (in the field of AI: 3)
Regional focus:global
Target group:Institutional investors
Existing registrations at/since:BaFin (1991)
BAI-Member since:2012
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