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Helvetic Financial Services AGHelvetic Financial Services AG
Address:Sihleggstr. 23
CH-8832 Wollerau
Contact Person: Ricardo Brehme
Phone:+41 43 888 25 69
Fax:+41 43 888 25 20
Head Office:Wollerau
Branch Office(s): none
Year of incorporation:2009
Business in Germany since:2009
Managing Director/Board:Norbert Ketterer; Marcellino Graf von und zu Hoensbroech
Description:The HFS Helvetic Financial Services AG combines innovative Fund-Products for institutional Investors with Mezzanine-Financing for Real-Estate-Development-Projects and is a highly specialized, independent Asset-Management-Boutique for the Real-Estate sector. HFS allocates Mezzanine-Capital for Real-Estate Project-Developers in Germany and Austria.
Assets: (-)
Assets in AI: (-)
Total number of employees:20 (in the field of AI: 20)
Regional focus:Germany
Target group:Immobilien
Existing registrations at/since: (-)
BAI-Member since:2011
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