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Mercer Private Markets AGMercer Private Markets AG
Address:Kasernenstr. 77b
CH-8004 Zürich
Contact Person: Christoph Bigger
Phone:+41 43 499 4949
Fax:+41 43 499 4950
Head Office:Zurich
Branch Office(s): Americas: Toronto, Atlanta, Norwalk, St. Louis; Europe: London, Luxemburg, Zurich; Asia Pacific: Hong Kong, Sydney, Auckland
Year of incorporation:1996 (SCM, now renamed Mercer Private Markets AG) 2015 Mercer Private Markets Group
Business in Germany since:2002
Managing Director/Board:Dr. Stefan Hepp, CEO Mercer Private Markets AG; Christoph Bigger, COO Mercer Private Markets AG; Dr. Peter Zollinger, Head Legal & Compliance Mercer Private Markets AG
Description:Mercer Private Markets (“MPM”) is a global specialist for private market investments, offering advisory services, customized and pooled investment solutions for institutional investors around the world.

MPM was established in early 2015 to integrate Mercer Investments’ resources dedicated to private market investing, in particular related to the sub-asset classes of private equity, private debt, infrastructure and real estate.
The operating history of MPM dates however back around 20 years. The groups combined in MPM provide asset class specific advisory and fiduciary services to more than 60 mandates around the world, including some of the world’s largest investors in private markets.

MPM today oversees programs that represent around USD 20 billion worldwide. The MPM team advises a number of clients for more than a decade – a testimony of our strong track record and consistently high service level that we bring to each client assignment.

Our more than 50 investment professionals operate out of 10 offices in North America, Asia and Europe and are supported by more than 50 professionals worldwide. Our clients can rely on a leading, integrated global platform supported by superior systems and extensive market knowledge and research.
The interaction of our clients with MPM varies from investing in MPM funds-of-funds, full service implementation of segregated accounts or advisory services relating to a client-specific investment program. Such advisory solutions can be full service or focused on investment advice or active monitoring.

Assets:USD 235 Mrd. Betreutes Investitionsvolumen (per 31.12.2017)
Assets in AI:USD 20 Mrd. Betreutes Investitionsvolumen (per 30.06.2018)
Total number of employees:2.200 (in the field of AI: 88)
Regional focus:Worldwide Focus - We are investing for our clients worldwide, depending on the focus of specific investment programs
Target group:Institutional investors, particularly public and private pension funds, insurances, banks and family offices
Existing registrations at/since: (-)
BAI-Member since:2006
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