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CAM Alternatives GmbHCAM Alternatives GmbH
Address:Gereonshof 12
D-50670 Köln
Contact Person: Jürgen Borchers
Phone:+49 221 937085-0
Head Office:Cologne
Branch Office(s):
Year of incorporation:1998 (including predecessor companies)
Business in Germany since:1998
Managing Director/Board:Dr. Rolf Wickenkamp, Andreas Schmidt, Jürgen Borchers
Description:CAM Alternatives is an independent, partner-led investment manager for alternative assets, headquartered in Cologne. We manage investor commitments with a focus on private equity and infrastructure. Our primarily European client base includes predominantly institutional investors, such as insurance companies, financial institutions, pension funds and family offices.
Our team comprises more than 35 experienced professionals in Germany, the United Kingdom and North America, dedicated to private equity and infrastructure. The seven partners have worked together for more than 13 years on average and combine deep insights and profound expertise of alternative investments and institutional portfolio management.
CAM Alternatives is a fully licensed alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) in accordance with the German Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch (KAGB). The company is held by CAM Holding, alongside its affiliate, CAM Private Markets.
Assets:ca. 1.762 bn. Euro (per 30.06.2018)
Assets in AI:ca. 1.762 bn. Euro (per 30.06.2018)
Total number of employees:35 (in the field of AI: 35)
Regional focus:global
Target group:Insurances, financial institutions, pension funds and family offices
Existing registrations at/since:BaFin ab 26.11.2014 (Lizenzerweiterung 10.11.2015) (-)
BAI-Member since:2009
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