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Ayaltis AGAyaltis AG
Adresse:Bleicherweg 19
CH-8002 Zürich
Ansprechpartner: Son Nguyen
Telefon:+41 43 501 3762
Fax:+41 43 501 3769
Headoffice:Zürich, Schweiz
Niederlassungen/Zweigstellen:Ayaltis Hong Kong
Jahr der Gründung:2008
In Deutschland tätig seit:2008
Geschäftsführer/Vorstand:Son Nguyen; Ernesto Prado; Andrea Luzzi
Profil:Ayaltis is a specialised fund of hedge funds advisor with a focus on hedge fund opportunities in relative value fixed income, credit and global macro strategies. The company was founded in the midst of the financial crisis in October 2008 by very experienced hedge fund professionals with an excellent track record. Ayaltis is independent and owned by the management, employees and strategic partners (family offices). We believe that by keeping ownership and management of our firm together, our partnership creates close alignment between our interests and those of our investors. We aim to stay focused and quality oriented. Our team consists of dedicated investment professionals which share the philosophy of specialisation. We consequently outsource all non-essential activities to our core asset management competence to best of class service providers with whom we work very closely. We have a diversified and high quality investor base consisting of prominent institutional investors, independent asset managers, wealthy individuals and family offices. We work closely with all investors and offer them as much as possible a personalised client service. In addition, we provide full transparency and high quality investment reporting to establish a mutual benefit long-term partnership.
Assets:USD 520 million (AuM) (per 31.10.2014)
Assets im Bereich AI:s.o. (per 31.10.2014)
Anzahl der Mitarbeiter:12 (davon im Bereich AI: 12)
Regionale Schwerpunkte:Schweiz, Deutschland, Österreich, Hong Kong, Singapore
Zielgruppe:Family Offices, Institutional Investors, Banks
(Aufsichtliche) Registrierung bei/ab:FINMA, AIFM (-)
BAI-Mitglied seit:2013
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